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        Enterprise purpose: grow together and share success

        We grow with our employees, realize the pursuit of our employees, and affirm and transcend ourselves – creating opportunities for our employees.
        We grow with our customers and share the joy of asset appreciation with our customers – creating value for our customers.
        Partners grow together, share resources, complement each other's strengths, strengthen alliances, build brilliant together
        We grow with the society, promote the national economic development, and revitalize the progress of national science and technology - create benefits for the society.

        Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation, pragmatic, dedicated, efficient

        Innovation is the soul of the company and the eternal driving force of career development.
        Tell the truth, make real moves, do practical things, be pragmatic
        Respect and respect your profession, treat your profession with respect and sincerity, and regard your profession as a duty
        Think of it, do it right away, quickly absorb it, change quickly, act quickly